In His Own Words Hardcover Book


Hard cover 368 pages, 9 1/2” x 12” x 1 1/2”

The charm of this book is “listening” to Les Paul tell his story. Michael Cochran captures Les’ way of telling stories and Les had plenty to tell. This large, beautiful book encompasses the fascinating life of the musician and inventor who seemed to live forever. Les takes the reader from his childhood in Waukesha, Wisconsin through his adventures in St. Louis, Chicago, LA, New Jersey and New York. Les explains how he developed the solid-body guitar and endless recording techniques that changed the world of music.

The high quality color prints and photos include many of Les Paul, his extensive guitar collection, musician friends, his inventions and his home recording studios in LA and New Jersey.

Les’ passion for sound and life, his humor and determination permeate his story. The 368 pages exemplify Les Paul’s positive outlook as he faced multiple setbacks and disappointments. Les’ story in all its delightfulness is the essence of reminding each of us to push aside self-pity and apathy and strive for what is important to us. Les, the perfectionist, enjoyed this book.